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Discrete Investigation and Surveillance Professionals

From surveillance to corporate asset evaluations, you can count on Accredited Investigative Service in Lebanon, Tennessee, for discrete, professional investigations. Our experienced personnel are at your disposal for all manner of investigation services.

Binoculars and Stamp


Every effective investigative group must have an invisible element that can provide intelligence. AIS has a team of aggressive, thoroughly trained staff, state-of-the-art video and sound equipment. 

Fraud Investigations

Our customer-focused, world-class team of professionals has helped us establish a sterling reputation for fraud investigations. AIS conducts cost-effective, quality investigations to help you establish the facts and safeguard your business from fraud.

Safety, Risk Management, and Cargo Theft Investigations

AIS stands apart from the competition when it comes to safety, risk management, and cargo theft investigations. We provide expertise in the field of commercial motor vehicles and extensive knowledge of Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules and regulations.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance fraud is one of the most common offenses we investigate. Our team has experience with all of the following insurance investigations:

Liability Investigations - Workers Compensation - Personal Injury - Fraudulent Claims - Cargo Thefts

Criminal and Civil Investigations

Our criminal defense expertise extends to civil investigations. We can assist in the development of civil and criminal cases for plaintiffs or defendants by providing:

Process Services - Locate Services - Litigation Support Services - Interviews and Related Documentation - Court Testimony Investigation

Domestic Investigations

Domestic cases are among the most emotional and contentious we encounter. That's why we proceed in a delicate, discrete manner with all of our domestic investigative services, including:

Infidelity Investigations, Including Divorce Evidence - Child Custody Investigations - Locate Family Members - Background Investigations

Corporate Asset Evaluations

Protect your company and gain a deeper understanding of your finances, personnel, and information technology security with our corporate asset evaluation service. We provide background investigations, internal/external investigations, and computer-related information or fund theft.