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When you really want to know the truth, turn to Accredited Investigative Service in Lebanon, Tennessee. Our private investigators provide honest and thorough investigations for civil and criminal attorneys, private companies, and individuals.



We perform our fiduciary responsibility with honesty and integrity, utilize sound investigative solutions, and protect the confidence of our clients. All of our investigations are conducted in strict accordance with state and federal laws.


As an investigative agency, we know that communicating with clients is imperative. Therefore, we inform our clients on a regular, timely basis so they can rapidly assess and analyze our findings.

Our Investigators

The AIS team is made up of highly respected investigators. Our staff has decades of combined investigative experience in law enforcement and the military. Click on the investigators’ names to email them directly.

David W. Barela –

Tennessee License #5160

David W. Barela is president and CEO of AIS. He is a former special agent with the United States Army Criminal Investigations Command (USACIDC) and a member of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division Agents Association (CIDAA). In October 2007, David spoke at the Public Defenders Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Petra R. Barela –

Tennessee License #6210

Petra R. Barela joined AIS in May 2010. She is as an investigator and vice president of administration.

John R. LaFevor-

Tennessee License #8408

Susan B. Bouchie-

Tennessee License #8564

Richard T. Pelych –

Tennessee License #7927

Richard T. Pelech joined AIS as an investigator in June 2015. He is a former special agent with the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service, Counterintelligence Division (DS/ICI/CI/PPB).

Criminal Defense Attorneys


Law Office of Terry & Gore;

Michael E. Terry,
(615) 321-2750;
Stephanie H. Gore, (615) 321-2750

Law Office of Jerry Gonzalez,

(615) 360-6060

Law Office of Jonathan E. Richardson,

(615) 891-7811

Law Office of William I. Shockley,

(615) 497-8550

Law Office of Larry Arnkoff,

(615) 973-4570

Law Office of Chuck Buckholts,

(615) 386-7118

Law Office of Vanessa Saenz;

Immigration, Family (Divorce), and Criminal,
(615) 366-1211

Law Office of Elliott Ozment;

(615) 321-8888

Law Office of Sean Lewis;

Immigration and Criminal,
(615) 646-6002

Immigration Attorneys

Call for a free one-hour initial case review and consultation (615) 449-4948

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