Criminal Defense

Public and Private Criminal Defense Investigation Specialists

Public and Private Criminal Defense Investigation Specialists

Accredited Investigative Service in Lebanon, Tennessee, works with private and public defenders to aid in the success of their criminal cases. We perform defendant and witness interviews and provide various other criminal defense investigation services to help your case.

Enhance Your Defense Team
The criminal defense investigation process begins the moment the attorney takes the case. As state and federal criminal defense investigation specialists, we assist our clients in many ways. AIS becomes part of the defense team, enhancing the legal process for lawyers and clients by performing the following services.
Criminal Records Analysis
We obtain and analyze all criminal records pertaining to the defendant, including the pre-sentence report (PSR) and any underlying offenses. This ensures that the PSR is correct, with a comparison report provided for your review. Some PSRs do not accurately report the defendant’s criminal history, which can have a negative effect on detention and/or sentencing.
Defendant Interviews
Our team documents the defendant’s perspective on, and involvement in, the alleged offenses, including whether the defendant can provide additional information to the government that might assist in a sentencing reduction. During any interview, we attempt to determine the identity of any confidential sources used by the government. Then we look into the background of those sources to determine the initial motivation for their cooperation.
Mitigation Reports
Complete background checks are performed on the defendant, including their criminal, family, and medical histories. For medical history, we focus on any psychological treatment the defendant may have received.
Discovery Analysis
Our investigators will review all discovery evidence to ensure proper law enforcement procedures were followed during the investigation and apprehension of the defendant. We present this information to the client’s attorney in a timely fashion.
Co-Defendant Criminal History
Criminal history searches will be conducted on any co-defendants in preparation for trial. This is very important to the defense counsel when cross-examining a cooperating co-defendant at trial.
Identify and Interview Witnesses
We seek out any potential witnesses to the crimes being prosecuted and conduct witness interviews. Based on their knowledge of the alleged offense, we determine the level of assistance any witnesses may be able to offer in the defense of the defendant, and document them for your review.

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