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The private investigators at Accredited Investigative Service in Lebanon, Tennessee, are dedicated, first and foremost, to our clients, many of whom are criminal attorneys. However, we always act as an objective third party, never forming opinions or drawing conclusions. Our job is to gather unbiased factual data in a legal, thorough, and efficient manner, and then relay that data to our clients.

We have been in business since 2001, and our team has more than a century of combined investigative experience. They have diverse backgrounds in the criminal justice system, deep knowledge of federal and state laws, are bilingual English and Spanish speakers, and always answer their phones.

AIS is a reputable investigative agency. Our goal is to provide trustworthy investigative services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Choose AIS for professional, licensed, insured investigations, and integrity-based results.

In October 2006, our team assisted the 16th District Public Defenders Office in a murder investigation. Two years later, our company was certified in Tennessee as a minority business by the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise. In April 2008, we were approved as a vendor in Tennessee.

Accredited Investigative Service specializes in criminal defense cases, providing services like discovery analysis and witness interviews. Our experienced team assists private attorneys and panel attorneys who are listed with the Office of the Federal Public Defender for the Middle District of Tennessee with both state and federal criminal cases.

Our investigators and network of associates provide superior investigative services. Those services include surveillance, undercover work, corporate asset evaluations, and fraud, civil, domestic, insurance, and theft investigations. You can trust our team since all of our investigators complete a comprehensive training program.

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